Trust the process when it comes to your job search

Lisa Cefali took to the ring after extended preparation for the fight.
Lisa Cefali took to the ring after extended preparation for the fight.

Last fall I, along with 13 other businesswomen, were asked to take part in a unique fundraiser for iDE Canada. We were asked to commit to a 12-week training program, consisting of three days of fitness training and three days of technical boxing training per week. And while we were at it, we were each asked to raise $5,000.
At the end of the 12 weeks, we were paired up and we competed in a real Manitoba Boxing Association-sanctioned boxing match in front of a crowd of 300 people – music, lights, and even an official boxing name: Vegas Style! Lisa “Badda Boom” Cefali was in the building!
We were promised one thing: if we commit to the process, the ITC (In this Corner) boxing trainers roll out, that we would be ready for our bout – the longest three minutes of your life, I was told.
Fight night arrived and the trainers were right. The bout was hard, exhilarating, and challenging, but I was prepared. The journey getting there was just as hard, just as exhilarating and just as challenging!
Process means progress
Yes, they needed my commitment to this event, but the ITC trainers had a process, step by step, adjusting as they saw me progress with the ultimate goal of having the best outcome within 12 weeks.
Thank goodness for the process! As I reflect back, I am most impressed in the manner with which it was all presented. As you can imagine, 14 Type A personalities, wanting to know as many details as possible, asking continual questions in order to be best prepared, could be a bit much. I’m surprised the trainers didn’t simply pull their hair out every time we wanted to know the why and the how of every little direction they gave us!
I am forever grateful that we were given enough information to become our best selves, but not so many details that would overwhelm us. After all, they didn’t want to scare us or we might just quit!
ITC outlined the process and took us through each step – first conditioning, then the basic technical instruction to become familiar with what was required. Then they tested our conditioning and, finally, introduced us to sparring.
I recall naively how we all wanted to know when we were going to start working in the ring early in the process, and realizing later that it did make the most sense to not place us into the ring until the last four weeks.
We thought the first four weeks were tough! They weren’t even close to the last four weeks and what it felt like to be punched, continually; having good days and bad days; having different, unexpected opponents – some you clicked with, and some who were simply bigger, stronger, and better than you!
Believe in your preparedness
We were challenged to believe in ourselves and our skill set. We had to count on our preparedness of being at the gym six days a week, and believe that the process would get us ready for the big fight.
When you consider the role of executive search and recruitment – whether you are the client or the candidate interested in the job, no matter what side you are on in the process, you have to believe in the process and each step that is involved, and fully participate in it if you want the best outcome.
At Legacy Bowes, we follow a very diligent 12-week process in seeking out top-level talent for top-level jobs.
We listen first, ensuring we have all the requirements the client is looking for, cast our net wide, and then begin searching, researching, and talking, and searching and researching and talking again to get us to a shortlist.
We then focus on that shortlist of candidates and take them through a series of interviews, discussion and assessments, and have them answer detailed questions to ensure that the possible career step is right for the individual.
We make sure they are as prepared as they possibly can be to not only “get in the ring” to interview well and have the job offered to them, but be certain that they would accept and excel in the role.
Lisa Cefali is the vice president of executive search with Legacy Bowes where she uses her many years of competitive intelligence, recruitment and assessment of emotional intelligence experience to uncover those attributes that provide for the best organizational fit for her candidates and clients. Please feel free to contact her at for your executive search and recruitment need.


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