Two Week Ramp Up: an extra push for beach season

The personal trainers behind, Ainsley McSorley and Tannis Miller.
The personal trainers behind, Ainsley McSorley and Tannis Miller.
Twist Me Toned - Tannis Miller
Twist Me Toned – Tannis Miller

Along with temperatures starting to rise is the motivation of an abundance of people gearing up for beach season, short shorts, and everything in between. It’s just how it is, o ur what-feels-like nine months of inhumanely cold arctic temperatures begin to wane off and so does the normalcy of layers upon layers – it’s time to flaunt the beach bod, or lack thereof.
I myself have been pretty proud of keeping a great balance this year with outings and events that would usually pose difficulties in terms of sticking to my fitness goals. I’ve been getting better and better about mastering “lifestyle.” I’ve really (finally) grasped the true meaning of balance in more ways than one. The relax vs. work ratio has been one of them (as an entrepreneur, I’ve always been one to struggle with turning my mind off and scheduling “work hours”), but mainly, straying from the all-or-nothing approach with nutrition and training has been my most prominent battle ground in previous years. I’ve been quite happy for the most part with my strengthened abilities to have my favourite treats in moderation and to consistently exercise 3-4x/week without stressing myself out if I miss a day. But like everyone else, there is still room for improvement – especially before bathing suit season!
Beginning to notice a little dip in motivation in the last couple of weeks – and an extra dose of temptation, I’ve decided to ramp things up a notch and give myself a little two week challenge to bust my plateau, both mentally and physically. I’ve given myself a couple of rules to live by that I know from experience will do wonders for my motivation and waistline alike.
1. No wheat/grains/gluten (I eat gluten-free year-round, but want to implement the no-grains-in-general rule for full benefits).
2. Work out every day with the exception of Wednesday and Sunday – my rest days.
3. Workouts will always consist of circuit training and cardio in the form of at least 20 minutes of interval training (would otherwise include hot yoga in lieu of strength training some days but I still have to wait a couple more weeks post-Lasik to hit the sauna-like temp room!).
4. ONLY clean foods – zero junk!
Simple things, right? It’s important to remember that it’s the small victories that add up to the big wins, and this right here is a true testament to that. I’ve typed up these rules and saved it as the background on my phone to remind myself that I’ve committed to this. I know that even these few small changes and the accountability I hold myself to will give me that push I need to stay healthy and feel good in my own skin.
Day 3 down! Stay tuned for my “after” story!
At, Tannis and business partner Ainsley McSorley are your partners in success. With their unique online training system, they help women of all ages worldwide develop healthy body images, and fitness and nutrition knowledge to shape their bodies and reach their highest fitness goals. Members receive monthly workouts and grocery lists, and can track their progress with progress trackers, activity calendars, and personal progress photo albums. An interactive messaging board and the ability to connect with Tannis and Ainsley on a regular basis keeps motivation high and results soaring. Staying on track and being bikini-ready has never been easier!

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