Find your career by pursuing your potential

RBC offers a program to support Aboriginal people and persons with disabilities in their search for a job at the organization.
RBC offers a program to support Aboriginal people and persons with disabilities in their search for a job at the organization.

By Sandy Kwong (RBC)

Seeking employment in the financial services industry can be an exciting career path worth exploring. There is great diversity among the roles and options available.
From leadership to sales, service and operational roles, and processing centres to contact/advice centres and branches, the job streams and the environments in which these roles are performed provide for a wide array of career choices for individuals to pursue. That is why RBC invites all people including Aboriginal people and persons with disabilities to not only pursue a career but pursue their potential with RBC.
The RBC Pursue your Potential (PyP) program provides Aboriginal people and persons with disabilities access to the supports, tools and resources to apply and prepare for a role with RBC.
Whether you are just starting out in your career or are an experienced professional, Pursue your Potential provides assistance in learning more about RBC’s career opportunities, helping you find the right role for you and even receive coaching and advice on your resume and interviewing skills.
While the program does not find a job for you, it will provide the coaching and advice to help you identify the role best tailored to your interests and skills. Rarely do potential employers take these many steps to prepare you for your job search and application.
“We at RBC believe in providing the tools and resources to help talented individuals navigate the options available, while providing them with the information and support to make the right choices for them,” shares RBC’s regional sourcing and diversity advisor, Cathy Lund.
First steps
Lund advises that to participate in this program and access more information, the first step is to email your resume to There are no deadlines and the program is available year-round.
“From there, RBC will contact the individual to explain both the benefits of the program and our hiring process, answer any questions, and address any accommodation needs or any other concerns,” adds Lund.
When asked why RBC provides this program for Aboriginal people and persons with disabilities, Lund replies, “Because diversity is one of our key corporate values and it’s important to us to have a diverse workforce that reflects the communities within which we do business.”
Participation in the program is voluntary and candidates may apply for RBC positions at without disclosing affiliation with any Employment Equity-designated group. Lund advises, however, that by not participating in the program, individuals would not have access to the supports mentioned above.
But what about once an individual becomes an employee – does the support end there?
“Not at all,” responds Lund. “RBC has several Employee Resource Groups around various themes to provide networking and a sense of community for our employees. As well, when the coaching received through the PyP program ends with employment, career and developmental coaching from your manager begins immediately.”
Signing up is easy
Lund reiterates that participating in the program is easy: “It simply begins with emailing your resume to and then together we can explore how you can pursue your potential.”
Exploring diversity-based career programs such as RBC’s Pursue your Potential can be just the thing to help identify and plan out a career path that is right for you.
A company and program that promises coaching and skill development reflects a workplace eager to attract talent and invest in you and your career – long after you have the job.

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