A rectangular shape has the leeway to wear over-the-top designs

Rectangular women should embrace their straight lines once in a while with a long jacket.
Rectangular women should embrace their straight lines once in a while with a long jacket.
In Vogue - Ally Champagne
In Vogue – Ally Champagne

As the word conjures, the rectangle shape is box-like and known as the “boyish figure.” The hips and bust area are usually the same size – hips flat with a matching tush – and there is very little waist definition to speak of. (Usually the bust area is seldom worthy of honorable mention.)
The physique consists of straight lines across the shoulders and ribcage. This is the antithesis of the hourglass figure: zero curves with an average tummy area. The rectangular bodies are blessed with a metabolism which distributes fat everywhere evenly, rather than in one area like the thighs or midsection.
Famous women with this figure include Reese Witherspoon, Keira Knightley and Gwyneth Paltrow. I would even throw Cameron Diaz in this mix.
As you look at these women, you will note that they excel in dealing with the challenges of dressing their bodies. They dress in ways which complement the rectangle shape by donning fashions to enhance their strong points and minimize any flaws.
When dressing a rectangular body, there are some key items which certainly flatter. Here are a few hints to try:
The neckline: Wearing a scooped or sweetheart neckline can define your curves, and for the optimist even give the illusion of some.
Pull out the stops: Get away with wearing tops and dresses that may be considered over-the-top when it comes to the design and the material – how over-the-top you go only depends on your nerve and personality.
You can wear clothing with lots of ruffles and detail. They look terrific because it adds definition and curves.
Ballerina waistline: Creating a waistline can be accomplished by wearing a dress or skirt that flares out. This is known as opting for the ballerina waistline, by adding width to the hips and accentuating the bustline.
Embrace your shape: Now and then, wear long jackets to celebrate your straight lines rather than worrying about creating the illusion of curves.
Focus on layers: Try wearing a couple of tank tops in different colours paired with a shirt and hipster jeans. Layering on this body type will not add bulk but make you appear more petite, provided your frame is lanky.
Trousers: Lucky you – you look fantastic in almost any type of pant. You have the choice of what you want to wear: sleek-legged trousers to show off your long and lean legs; or ruffled pants which hang in a way to create the silhouette you desire.
The sheath dress: For some reason, the celebrities mentioned earlier have a very distinct love for the sheath dress – probably because it looks fabulous. This is a dress which works for so many occasions.
For formal occasions: Go for a deep scooped neckline, a halter or strapless gown to make you dazzle and feel like you were on a remake of Dynasty.
Just as we give energy to looking great, we also must be aware of what we need to heed to avoid the fashion faux-pas.
I am not saying you must be dressed to the nines to take out the garbage at 11 p.m., but looking your best when it matters does have its rewards.
There are some fashion styles and clothes that would be very unflattering to the rectangle-shaped woman. To look your best, you will have to make sure to avoid these snafus.
Neckline: Stay away from high necklines. This includes Chinese collars, closed-neck clothes and boat-necked clothes.
Baggy trousers: Baggy pants are probably the only exception to the list of pants which do not look good on rectangle-shaped women. Wearing baggy pants will give your physique a male look.
Check out the rectangular models and actresses online to see what they like to wear to parties and functions. There is a great chance you will be able to replicate the outfits at a fraction of the costs by shopping at Winners or enlisting the help of a wardrobe consultant.
Summer is on its way and so are the picnic and barbecue invitations. This year’s summer dresses are adorable and affordable. Buy a few and let them be your new BFFs.
Long skirts are also making a comeback. These will look amazing on you, especially if you get a healthy glow on those lunchtime walks. This summer’s trends will be very easy for you to add to your wardrobe and look great.

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