Seven Oaks School Division has first pipe trades apprenticeship program in plumbing

Students explore pipefitting work at a presentation from the Piping Industry Technical College.
Students explore pipefitting work at a presentation from the Piping Industry Technical College.

United Association Local 254 represents 1,350 members in the pipe trades including Plumbing, Steamfitting, Sprinkler Fitting, Refrigeration and Welding. The Local has been in Manitoba for over 104 years.
We have a strong membership and are very proud of the fact that we have the most highly skilled and motivated people in each and every trade that they represent. In conjunction with the Piping Industry Training Committee and now the industry’s very own school, the Piping Industry Technical College, we provide the highest level of safety training and courses.
All of our people are job-ready for the diversified projects that go on in Manitoba, whether it be commercial, industrial, or pipeline.
With talks of major projects such as the Energy East, Enbridge’s seven-billion-dollar Mainline Replacement Program; and Hydro projects like the Keeyask and Conawapa dams on the horizon, we are fully equipped to train Manitobans for a career in any of the piping trades for these types of industrial projects.
Plus, we make sure we can supply our 65 signatory contractors with skilled and able journeypersons and apprentices for our commercial as well as maintenance sectors.
Piping Industry Technical College
The Piping Industry Technical College came to be as the result of the United Association Local 254’s vision and the hard work of the Piping Industry Training Committee.
This committee has always indentured apprentices in the piping trades with their apprenticeship, and we are always being approached by people seeking a career in the piping trades.
In discussions with those interested people, especially high school students, we learned that high schools do not necessarily promote other options than university. We felt that there needed to be a better way of reaching the students and giving them options. Who better than the United Association setting up a school for the pipe trades?
A very innovative school division, the Seven Oaks School Division in Winnipeg, was very willing to listen to our presentation and has since partnered with us to provide the first-ever pipe trades Apprenticeship training in the field of Plumber in a high school program.
We have developed two curriculums: one for Manitoba Education and one for Apprenticeship Manitoba so the students can receive accreditation in both Plumbing or Steamfitting.
Once Manitoba Education accepted our proposals, we were able to establish eight high school credits for the students. Should the students score a grade of 70 per cent or better, they will receive an exemption from Level One technical training for Plumbing or Steamfitting.
We hope to instill a new quality of apprentices that are starting out in their career and to in turn further the quality of all members. These students will always remember where they got their start. They will know what we have to offer and make informed decisions.
-United Association Local 254

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