Experience gnocchi with its new companions


Gnocchi & CheeseBy Ian Leatt

Through my many travels abroad I have experienced a huge number of flavours. Flavours that take your breath away, from the hot to the cold and the sweet to the sour, and every one of them has been a pleasure. One such easy-to-prepare meal, for lunch or dinner, is this Gnocchi with Roasted Squash and Goat’s Cheese.
A taste of Europe on your doorstep, this colourful dish makes the most of gnocchi’s great pairing with cheese. This simple recipe will fast become a favourite not only for you but for your friends as well.

1 large butternut squash, cut into chunks
1 full garlic clove
3 tbsp olive oil
500 gram pack of gnocchi
200 grams of baby spinach
100 grams of goat’s cheese

Pre-heat your oven to 350 F. Place the squash into a roasting tin with the garlic and oil, salt and pepper, and mix well. Roast for 20 minutes, shaking the pan halfway through, until tender and golden.
Meanwhile, boil the gnocchi according to pack instructions. With a few seconds to go, throw in the spinach, then drain the gnocchi and spinach together. Tip into the roasting tin, and mix everything together well, mashing the softened garlic. Spoon onto warm serving plates, then crumble over the cheese to serve.

Ian Leatt, a former chef in Jersey, Channel Islands, is general manager at Pegasus Publications.

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