Lots of bad DayZ in zombie apocalypse

DayZBy Stephan Bazzocchi

Not often does one hear the legendary phrase uttered, “My kingdom for a can opener.” In this game, you find that it is said about every 10 minutes or so. Such is life after the zombie apocalypse in DayZ. I tend to think of myself as a rather level-headed person: one who can think quickly and logically in the event of a crisis. I found that I was wrong.
You log into the game, finding yourself at most times on the coast of the beautiful Russian landscape. Equipped with a flashlight, a battery, and the clothes on your back. Your first thoughts generally tend to be: “Wow, I set the graphics to low and this game still looks good.” You spend some time admiring the detail of the Arma engine that DayZ is built on, until you are interrupted by a message in the lower left-hand corner that plainly says: “I am feeling thirsty.”
The urgency doesn’t fully manifest itself until you realize that you cannot drink sea water. Then, still optimistic, you set off to find some drinkable water in a deserted town that you can faintly see down the road. Deserted save for the zombies.
DayZ is a test, at times a study of how far sociopaths will go.
When your life in the game depends on finding that ever-elusive can opener, you will go quite far. In the course of the several days I have been playing, I have found countless cans of sardines, spaghetti, and beans. All requiring that most precious of kitchen utensils. I found a can of tuna once, and thankfully it had a pull tab to open it. Suffice to say until I find a can opener, I will sustain myself on the rotten fruit that is found everywhere, even though it will make me ill.
Sadly the game won’t allow me to use the axe I found to chop open a can. Nor will it allow me to use the hammer. Maybe that other player coming towards me wearing a gas mask, full military fatigues, and sporting a rifle with a bayonet attached will have a can opener I can borrow. Then again, he might be just luring me into a trap. I have heard of such things, roving bands of rogues handcuffing and forcing their captives to fistfight to the death – the victor being executed shortly thereafter, their equipment looted.
DayZ isn’t for the faint of heart, and I don’t mean in terms of the level of graphic blood. The degradation of moral society is what gets you. The sheer hopelessness of finding that can opener so you don’t starve to death. Realizing you can only carry one backpack and you have no room for that canteen you found. Or realizing you are out of shirts to rip into makeshift bandages to stop you from bleeding to death after that last round of boxing against zombies you took part in.
And all this from a game that is still in development. One that has grown out of a mod for another game. One that makes you re-evaluate your zombie apocalypse plan (I know you all have one).
Again, it’s on Steam Early Access. It’s still in beta. It’s under $25. Not that money will have much value in this world. Take my advice: after you get this game, stock up on can openers in the real world. You just never know.

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