Using social media to land a job

BigThreeSocialMediaBy Jon Waldman

As we all know, there are two types of job seekers: active and passive.
Passive seekers will entertain a call or email when it comes in from a recruiter, have their LinkedIn profiles up to date and maybe have an email alert.

Active seekers, meanwhile, will have a much different attitude. They will be picking up the Saturday newspaper looking for careers, surf through website after website for jobs and make cold calls to recruiters.

If you’re one of the latter surfers, you’re also looking toward your online network for the answer to your career question.

Thus begs the question that we all ponder at one point or another: “Can I find a job via social media?”

The answer is yes.

Job hunting is made easy through the major social platforms, and in saying that I do mean all three “big three” – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Let’s break them down.


The most obvious, of course, is the business networking hub. As you well know by now, having a profile that outwardly states that you are seeking new professional opportunities is great for active seekers, while a passive individual can drop allusions to seeking new employment.

But LinkedIn’s functionality goes well beyond this.

For one, LinkedIn offers an array of premium services for its job-seeking users. A pay-for service (though occasionally free trials are available) that is tiered, Job Seeker gives you perks such as being a Featured Applicant on a submitted list to the hiring agency/individual, access to exclusive webinars, salary data and the ability to InMail recruiters.

Without paying for the service, though, there are great mechanisms on LI, including applying using your profile (a feature which several companies are already using privately). Groups are also great spots to find open jobs in the market you want to apply to.

But the absolute best way to find a job on LinkedIn? Connect with recruiters! Just about every recruiter is on LinkedIn and, are not only happy to connect with you, but will often post their jobs in their status updates. Follow them, and you’re en route to your next job.


It may not seem like it at first glance, but indeed Twitter can net you your next job.

Here, just as it is with LinkedIn, the best way to find a job is to follow @recruiters. Agencies are very frequently going to be posting their jobs, potentially using hashtags like #winnipegjobs or something of that ilk.

The other one to follow – generally and for job info – is the @winnipeg_rt profile. This is a “robot” account which automatically retweets any post that has #winnipeg in it. This is another one that is often used by recruiters and companies that are hiring.


While Facebook attempted to mimic LinkedIn’s success with the BranchOut app, the program doesn’t have the legs or network ability to get you as far as you’d like, but that doesn’t mean you should flush the network out of your job searching plan.

Instead, use your friend network – likely the largest you have – to job hunt. Broadcasting a message on your timeline may not be the most strategic – especially if you’re looking to change companies – but reviewing your contacts and sending them a private message is an easy step to take.

Remember – every social media tool you have can be used to your advantage, and we’ll talk about this more next month as we cover building your portfolio online.

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