Welcome to the first issue of SMART Tab!

SmartTab_Dec13Since 1996, we have been publishing first a tabloid then a magazine to support the career aspirations of young people in Manitoba and Canada. The publication has always appeared quarterly.

Given the recent concerns about employment mismatch, we have taken the decision to move away from the glossy format to a tabloid in order to increase frequency.

SMART Tab will be published every month on the 15th of the month preceding.

We will continue to bring readers the same quality advice and information that have always populated our pages. This will track heavily in the area of job and career information: what kinds of careers are out there, where they are, what they entail, what they pay and how to get them. Every once in a while, we will throw in a quirky job or a niche career.

Working closely with the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce and the Assiniboia Chamber of Commerce, we will present the employer’s point of view. What skills and people do they need? What are they looking for in an employee? Who are the best employers? What makes them so good?

Schools, colleges and universities are also on our radar: who is offering what and why and with what success in the job market?

All this will be tempered by a healthy dose of lifestyle information and advice. Just how do you go about getting a mortgage? How do you juggle a job, plus school, plus a social life and stay sane? How do you get a job in your field with no experience? What easy-to-prepare meals can you cook with limited resources?

We hope you enjoy the ride with us. We have also expanded our circulation so you can find us in more places and, if you are a subscriber, then you will get much more for your money.


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