Delectable Di Erbe

A local cosmetics company provides safe and natural products that are worthy of a spa but don’t break the bank.

By Norah Myers

Sheila and her family make the natural, organic, vegan products from scratch and display many of the key ingredients in the store to educate customers about what makes up the products they purchase. She recommends using Healing Neem soap for dry skin and following up with Dry Patch body butter. It’s the perfect combination for skin affected by dryness in the winter. Sheila recently made seventy jars of Dry Patch and now has less than ten jars left. People come in to her store to buy two to three jars at a time. The cream became so popular that she began shipping it to customers in Missouri, Vancouver, and Ottawa.

In addition to soothing chapped and sore skin, Healing Neem soap also calms and soothes acne prone skin, serving as a balancing solution for a variety of skin problems. Sheila’s Dead Sea Mud Salt Scrub has been known to stop psoriasis from flaring up. Many people who have had skin problems as a result of synthetic products find immense relief in Sheila’s natural offerings. Di Erbe’s Facebook group has nearly 400 satisfied members; people love the body butters and the lip conditioners that are available in a variety of flavors including raspberry cream and butterscotch.Sheila’s five favourite products are Healing Neem soap, Dry Patch Body Butter, Firming Toner (to refresh and revitalize your face), Advanced Lift Serum (to use on your face after washing and toning, especially if you have oily skin) and Pure Argan Oil (to smooth your hair and tame flyaways and frizz). Aragan oil can also be used to moisturize your skin and keep it looking young.

Sheila values her relationships with her customers and wants to provide them with an experience rather than pressure to buy products. She wanted to create safe and natural alternatives to chemical-filled beauty products and a commercial shopping experience. “If you’re happy in what you’re doing, it shows,” she says. In addition to body care, Sheila created chemical-free shampoos that cleanse your hair effectively and naturally without the use of harsh surfactants. Sheila’s hard work and fabulous business earned her a nomination from BDC Women’s Entrepreneur. This year, she has received a second nomination with Women’s Business Owner award in Manitoba in the category of community-based company. The title befits the work she has done and the service she has provided to people in Winnipeg and all over Canada.

In addition to running a successful business, Shelia volunteers with the Norwood Biz (it is in close proximity to her workspace). She meets with them monthly to discuss events in her community; she is passionate about not only her business but doing good work for the people around her. In her spare time, Sheila enjoys being with her family, cooking, practicing yoga at home, and meditating. “Success takes a lot of hard work [and] lots of long hours,” Sheila says, “but it [pays off] in the end.”

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