Getting connected to your future opportunity!

If you are looking for a new opportunity or are not satisfied in your current position, networking is the key to finding your next position. Networking has an approximate 85 percent success rate.

By Charlene Ramkissoon

You may be currently employed where you are satisfied, challenged and content. You may be in a position where you are not being challenged and are always keeping your eyes and ears open for new opportunities. You may be currently unemployed and are seeking that perfect job that matches your skills and abilities. In any of the 3 scenarios, it is important to stay connected or engaged in activities that will give you the “edge” or make you more visible which will ultimately open up future employment opportunities or encourage advancements and promotions with your current position.

Social media


For some of us, new advances in technology may seem like a grey area yet to be discovered or like an unknown world that you would rather not enter. Social media outlets such as Linked In, Facebook, Twitter and blogging, to name a few, are great ways to stay connected with existing clients, partners and colleagues. More importantly, you are able to meet and connect with other professionals within your specific industry and possibly your future employer.

Being online with these various media outlets will make you aware of new program offerings related to your position or field and you can stay abreast of upcoming networking events and conferences around specific topics that relate to your position or industry. This is a great tool for those wanting to improve their knowledge while working in a position you are currently happy with.

It is amazing how many people you can connect with when you follow or sign up with Linked In or Face book for example. This is a great way for you to take advantage of the new people you connect with to build your networking base. If you are looking for a new opportunity or are not satisfied in your current position, networking is the key to finding your next position (approximate 85 percent success rate). You never know who knows who and by making the phone calls engaging in networking lunches and informational meetings you can reach out to additional contacts, again broadening your networking base.


No matter what situation you are currently in, joining associations, groups and or committees related to your current field, or perhaps a field you would like to get into in the future, can add credibility to your resume and your personal branding.

Volunteering on committees and boards will give those who meet you (other professionals, colleagues and prospective employers) an insight as to your ability to give back to the community, how you can manage your personal, work, and volunteer time. More importantly, it sheds light on key areas that you are dedicated to or are passionate about. A lot of organizations hire based on culture or personality fit in addition to their basic hiring criteria. If you are currently searching for that next job opportunity or if you just want to add significant value to your resume, remember that community involvement or leadership may be the key differentiator that brings you success in finding that new position that is right for you.

To receive more information or receive coaching on developing a skills based resume, contact Charlene Ramkissoon, Senior Human Resources Consultant/Career Guru at w: (204) 934-8826 c: (204) 999-6011 or,

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