On-line Campus News at the University of Saskatchewan

On Campus News, the official newspaper of the University of Saskatchewan, launched the OCN online news centre this July.

“With news being generated from all corners of campus, we’ve talked for some time about how we could bring all of it together in a one-stop shop where our stories can be told in a more immediate way than through a bi-weekly newspaper,” said Colleen MacPherson, editor of On Campus News.

OCN began printing a bi-weekly newspaper in 1993 and continues to be the official newspaper of record for the University of Saskatchewan. OCN is also the recipient of the Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education (CCAE) Prix d’Excellence award for “Best Newspaper” in 2008 and 2010.

While the print version of OCN will publish every two weeks during the academic year, OCN online will be updated regularly.

OCN online incorporates daily news and information as well as videos, photos, music, user commentary, social media, and other added benefits to sharing news online. OCN in print will continue to provide the same great reportage that it has since 1993, with extended features, interesting articles and the most comprehensive news coverage of its kind in Canada.

Please visit http://news.usask.ca to view OCN online. Contact Mark Ferguson at the University of Saskatchewan for more information at (306) 966-1851 or m.ferguson@usask.ca

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